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someone elses' boat

Boat names at this boat yard: Popeye, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Leonidas, Calm, Ngahere and Liz. Number of minutes I felt car sick: approx. 10 minutes. Colours of sails in boat race on the harbour: white, flouro pink, royal blue. About to purchase: The Dylan dress from Karen Walker's Salzburg USA collection, The Impossible Project's PX70 Colour Shade Polaroid film, and a Pentax K1000 (Thank you, Becki for the recommendation. I owe you one!). Thinking about: reupholstering couches, peg leg pants, work, and hot cross buns. 

♥ Pictures by Rob on a Canon EOS 5D on a 50mm f/1.2 
♥ Dress from Temt 

♥ Pictures by Rob on a Nikon FE2 with Kodak Tri-X film 

most boring ever tweet

everyone's a photographer these days