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most boring ever tweet

Let's talk social media! Adeline tweeted an article by Paul Carr on techcrunch. He writes about being seduced by the quick and dirty joys of microblogging, and why he has now given up Twitter and Facebook to focus on his neglected blog. This paragraph made me wince in recognition: "...for all the dozens of updates I wrote each month, there was absolutely no substance to any of them. “I am learning a lot about pens.” reads one update from last year. What does that even mean?..."

I found this article interesting but my dilemma with social media is a bit different. I don't have a Facebook account and don't see myself getting one. Ever. I find it sobering that I would rather blog and tweet in order to communicate with strangers all over the world, rather than log into my Facebook account to keep up with how people I actually know are doing. I want to know about all the billions of strangers out there. I want to talk to them and I want them to talk back to me. I want to see what these strangers are wearing, eating, reading, buying, and thinking about. I've been accused of having a short attention span. I'm pretty sure the internet with its myriad and finite distractions doesn't help. Will Ferrell recently tweeted that he's come up with a new social media platform and it's called "outside". He's trying to be funny, I know. But the funniest things are always a little true.

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