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everyone's a photographer these days

This post was inspired in part by Patricia Ann. While her point was about how companies should judge by talent, rather than experience or degrees, I wanted to riff a little on the theme she started. Visit her blog. It's something special. For every "like" on her latest post, she will donate 100 yen to Japan.

Anyone with a digital SLR can be a photographer these days. Is this necessarily a good thing? Or is it bad? Yes, I've taken photos at a wedding for money. Yes, I've got a lot of cameras, a slide and negative scanner, and my fridge is sometimes more full of film than food. But I would hesitate to call myself a photographer. Think of it this way; if, instead of buying cards for friends on special occasions, you made cards, and once in a while someone wanted to pay you money to make them, does this suddenly make you Hallmark? Or a graphic designer? Or a copy writer? Probably not. My point is, yes, use what technology has made so freely available but make sure you acknowledge and respect people who've studied the craft, and have the degree as well as the guts to actually try to make a living on something that for you, is truly only a hobby, not a career.

Now for a complete aboutface; Natasha at Candy Pop has featured me as her Friday photographer on her blog. Thank you so much, Natasha for the feature and the kind words!

♥ Photos by Rob on a Canon EOS 5D with Helios 44M 
♥ Dress is vintage from Missy's Room  Shoes from Mi Piaci ♥ Belt from Glassons 

♥ Photos by Me on a Polaroid The Button SX70 Box type with expired Polaroid 600 film 

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