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lifted from a moment

Today I took photos with a roll of film which I might not have wound correctly. Every time I pressed the shutter to trap an image in the viewfinder, I had to make peace with the possibility that I might never see it again. We rely so much on cameras and videos to capture our life and the world around us. But whatever happened to imagination? And memories? And daydreams? The picture is only ever the trigger. You were there. Only you can remember the heat of the sun on your bare arms, the smell of someone cooking dinner in an apartment with an open window, the sound of buses rumbling  past. Yet, as soon as you lift the viewfinder to your eye, you've ceased to participate; you've became an observer and you've lifted yourself right out of the moment and out of the picture. What compels you to document what you see? Do you ever stop and think, No. This time I won't take that photo.

Photos by Rob shooting on 35mm film (expired Kodak Portra 160NC) and (expired Fuji Pro 160S) 120mm film  with a Yashica 35GSN and an Agfa Isolette II ♥ One-piece swimsuit from Cotton On ♥ Location: Secret swimming spot along an unnamed Wellington Bay. We'll never tell 

town belt

dogs jumped through hoops