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dogs jumped through hoops

Did I tell you about my NYE last year? When the clock struck twelve in Quinto di Treviso, Italy, I was curled up on the couch inside a convent watching tv. In the main residence, just one icy field across from my room, a group of nuns were happily imbibing prosecco in the candlelight. Dogs were jumping through hoops on the tv screen. I thought Wow. That's amazing. Then I fell asleep. 

If you're alone on NYE, don't worry. Relax, have some wine, eat something delicious, watch a movie, and go to sleep before midnight if you want to. Who cares! If you're with friends, I don't have to tell you to have fun. Because I know you will! Thank you for sharing 2010 with me. Let's hit 2011 with everything we've got.

♥ Pictures by Rob shooting in 35mm film with a Nikon FE2 
♥ We're at the pier on Petone Beac

P.S. And I made a video for you. You might even hear me talking in it! *GASP*

lifted from a moment

park shadows