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park shadows

This is my second year spending the majority of the holiday season alone. A self-confessed hermit friend of mine recently confided that she found herself wrapped in a blanket pretending to be a penguin, making penguin noises in the house she lives in alone with her dog. I found this equal parts hilarious, adorable, bittersweet, and alarming, all at the same time. Aren't these the emotions which confront you whenever you find yourself marooned, alone on your self-made island, for more than a couple of weeks? Worry that you enjoy your company a bit too much. Anxiety that you aren't normal relative to people your age. Boredom the minute you run out of things to do. Bliss when you find the hours flying, engaged in something you really enjoy doing, with music in the background, and the storm coming. There's an art in being alone but not lonely. So long as you don't overdo it!

PS: You love Frankie? You'll love Oh Comely

♥ Pictures by Rob 
♥ Dress from Dotti ♥ Bag from Glassons  Hat from The Warehouse  Sandals from Number One Shoe Warehouse  Bracelet is gifted Magazine is Oh Comely 

dogs jumped through hoops

sparklers at christmas