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threadless select and a cute brown dress

When I first started this blog, I was talking to a friend about how some fashion bloggers received free clothes to review. My friend snorted, rather cuttingly, "Who's gonna give you free clothes? The Salvation Army?" Ouch. This was the first memory that came to mind when Threadless sent me an email about their Select line inviting me to take my pick. The Select Line is designed by the community and curated by Threadless. It includes original Threadless designs blown up, scaled back, with the original concepts intact. The products are printed with water-based inks on finer cotton, to be softer and eco-friendlier.

The Dandy Lions Girly Tank Dress is made of cotton so incredibly soft and light it reminds me of marshmallows, cotton wool and furry white rabbits. Seriously. It didn't embarrass me at a semi-posh restaurant for a girly dinner, flashed up with flats, a gold locket, and a fitted jacket. And it did well during an early morning weekend wander through town in search of tea and pancakes. It's let down a bit by the strange placement of the pocket, which kind of lolls and droops around the side of my chest. Also, the soft fabric and straight cut of the dress became quite unforgiving after I developed a Chinese food baby bloat, making me fearful of having just one more cup of tea.

Dandy Lions Girly Tank Dress from Threadless ♥ Cardigan from Max ♥ Jade necklace is self-made ♥ Bag from Farmers ♥ Sandals from Witchery ♥

Despite that, wearing this dress made me feel cool, laidback, and low-maintenance. Basically, everything I'm not thus the transformative power of clothes. Threadless is a great t-shirt company which respects the environment and supports artists and designers. I will definitely keep this dress around for summer but I've also got my eye on this truly cool sweater with foxes on it. And clingy dress be damned, I did have that one more cup of tea. And some cake. Thanks, Threadless. Your dress and I had a blast!

if this were true we'd all be on holiday

Miles Apart in 35 mm Black and White Film