Hi! I’m Ana

I’m a #content nut and digital native, lover of sweet treats, and pop culture fanatic. I live on the internet. That basically covers it!

6768 Miles Apart

We went for a long time without Miles Apart. And now, I think how silly that was. Sometimes you want to cut yourself off from the world and all your responsibilities. But having tried it, I realise now that this isn't an obligation. It's a joy. And so is she. See you next time for Miles Apart in 35mm Black and White film.

My pictures on the left, hers on the right. 6,768 Miles Apart started in April 2009. Our archives are here and here but our favourites are the Polaroid edition and the Disposable Camera edition. We also love Naomi and Marie from the transatlantic lens project & Adeline and Astrid from Her - Der.

crafting confidence

oh the stories it could tell