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sculpting palaces in our memory

“Once, in my father’s bookshop, I heard a regular customer say that few things leave a deeper mark on a reader than the first book that finds its way into his heart. Those first images, the echo of words we think we have left behind, accompany us throughout our lives and sculpt a palace in our memory to which, sooner or later—no matter how many books we read, how many worlds we discover, or how much we learn or forget—we will return.”
The Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafon

For such a lofty quote, I fear that my earliest book choices didn't so much as sculpt a palace but rather, cobbled together a Barbie mansion. Embarrassed and anxious as I am about that list, you can peer at it on my listography and laugh to yourself. I've also included books I've read later in life which have always remained in my thoughts. I'd love to hear your list too!

♥ Photos by Rob and me

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