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your granny was chic

Forgive me. I find myself less and less interested in outfit posts. Instead, I've been skulking around the interior design section in the bowels of the local library. I've hit a short pause on this blog but am very much alive and kicking on my tumblr named Your Granny Was Chic, showcasing all of those items that some may say belong in an assisted living facility, but I say belong in your house with pride and totally without shame. Come begoggle teacups, doilies, frou frou prom dresses and a heck of a lot of floral patterns with me on my tumblr.

And talking about granny chic, I have just spent the good part of an hour digging through Stine Pettersen's blog. Now this lady knows how to do all types of granny chic, melding it all into one gorgeous crocheted, seventies, Royal Doulton teacup, multiple picture frame walled goodness. I want every knick knack and crocheted doilie this Swedish lovely has! All photos taken by Stine Pettersen.

she's kind of a big deal to me

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