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unremarkable love

Depictions of love only ever seem to be about three things; love which is unrequited, love only recently found, and love lost and forgotten. What is it about constant, every day love that leaves writers and artists largely speechless and silent? A love that wakes you every morning with a kiss and a steaming cup of coffee left on a kitchen counter. A love which forgives you after your mean streak has risen up and lashed out (yet again!). I think people have the wrong idea about love. They expect constant fireworks, tears, drama, and passion. Depictions of constant, stable, equal love seem unreal and saccharine, unattainable and far too good to be true. But it exists. I see it around me everyday. So what is it about this kind of everyday love that makes it so unremarkable? I think it deserves epic ballads, blockbuster movies, and murals. It is the glue that holds us together.

♥ 35mm film photos from my Canon Canonet shot by me and Rob

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