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deciduous trees, art swaps, and Miles Apart

UPDATE! Thank you for those who emailed me about the Art Swap. You're ace.

6,768 Miles Apart Disposable Edition is now up on Diana's site. Click on the pic to be redirected!

ANZAC Day. Completely by accident, we found ourselves in a tiny and deserted war memorial/rest stop just past the small town of Featherston. All around us, the trees were dripping yellow, brown and red leaves. A stark white cross against a velvety green lawn. A retired couple quietly eating a picnic lunch on a stone bench and table. Such enormous sacrifices made by millions of people in decades past. It makes you humble.

To lighten the mood, I'm looking for 3 people to join me, Franca and Katherine, Shirin for an Art Swap. You make something (anything you like as long as its handmade), you ask 6 other friends to do the same, and you send your contribution to an address I provide. Interested? Leave a comment with your email or email me: and I'll provide you with more details!

♥Trench Coat from H&M ♥ Stripy top from Valley Girl ♥ Place of Interest: Featherston ♥

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