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throw me up and watch me fall

At the fair, I watched fathers paying through the nose so that their little ones could have the joy of being chucked up, whirled around and whipped through the air on rides. People flung their hands up into the sky, letting go of the safety bars, swaying back into the seat, turning their face up to the sun with their eyes wide. When we were young, we jumped off roofs thinking we could fly and ran across roads believing traffic would magically stop. We were invincible. As you grow older, even a fairground ride with all its safety instructions and heavy duty engineering can't give you back that feeling again.

♥ Top from Valley Girl ♥ Skirt from Glassons ♥ Sunnies from Cotton On ♥ Pearls from The $2 Shop ♥ Location: Petone Fair

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