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bet your horses

On the same day I went to the races, the city was flooded by AC/DC fans ramped up for the once-in-a-lifetime concert later on that night. Media coverage was high. People spilled out of bars onto sidewalks and road, clutching sweaty beers and doing air guitars. The universal uniform of the AC/DC fan was black jeans and a black t-shirt. So imagine their amusement as I made my way through the city towards the train in my orange fascinator and my floral dress. Talking to some of the fans on their way to the concert, one of them said, "I didn't think you were dressed for the gig." No. I was not. Instead, I'd just learnt how to read a racing book, place an educated bet on the horses, and the crucial difference between a box quinella and a box trifecta.

♥ Fascinator from Bags of Difference ♥ Dress from Whistles ♥ Heels from Number One Shoe Warehouse ♥ Location: Race Day, Trentham Racecourse

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