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home - heart

I was on an Air New Zealand flight with Kiwi flight attendants, listening to New Zealand music, and filling in New Zealands' dreadfully prohibitive customs declaration form. Someone made the mistake of talking to me in Mandarin then switched to English - "Are you going home?" they asked with a friendly smile. "YES!" I practically shouted. I couldn't stop the huge grin spreading onto my face. "And you've been visiting Shanghai?" "Yes. Europe too," I replied. "But its good to be going home." It didn't matter that Lufthansa lost my luggage in Shanghai. It didn't matter that I had to run to catch my connecting flight from Auckland to Wellington. It didn't matter that the weather is terrible and rainy and blustery during summer. None of that mattered. I was home.

To the people in Haiti, devastated and deprived of their homes - my thoughts go to them. Home - whatever it means to you - is never so precious as when you have been away or, have had home taken away from you. To help those in Haiti, click here.

♥ Quinto di Treviso, Italy ♥

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