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self-help shame

UPDATE: 6,768 Miles Apart - Diana and I's photographic collaboration - is being hosted by Diana this fortnight. Click on the picture below to be taken there!

My workmates and I were forced to attend a seminar about Marcus Buckingham's book "Strengths Finder". We spent thirty minutes answering a timed questionnaire with delicious questions like "When given a choice would you rather clean or rest?" and "Are tears a part of your life?". This recent brush with the self-help/self-improvement genre reminded me of a couple of years back when I braved embarassment at the public library by checking out a self-help book entitled "Why You're Still Single". If you're thinking of reading this book, I'll tell you the answer now - you're still single because you're reading this book rather than throwing back those cocktails, shimmying into your Freakum Dress, and showing those folks all the goodies you've got to share. Trust! Go on...share your self-help book shame.

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