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self-diagnosing my middle class guilt

In my postgrad year, I researched international labour rights in the chocolate trade and apparel industry. I was shocked and devastated at what I found. And yet, I was oddly helpless. I tried to refrain from eating non-fair trade chocolate, yet caught myself drinking hot chocolate in cafes and scoffing chocolate cake. I tried thrifting like a madperson, only to find myself lusting after the cheap, quick and trendy fix that local chain stores were able to provide. Consciousness and awareness of global issues is important. But doing something with that knowledge is where I often fall down. It makes me feel like a chess piece, being moved against my will, by someone more powerful than myself.

Let's Clean Up Fashion: The State of Pay Behind the UK High Street was released this month and provides a list of UK chain stores, grading them by international labour standard. Summary article in The Guardian here.
Buy Fair Trade chocolate as much as you can. It's delicious!
For general reading, the International Labour Organization is always helpful.

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reconciling passion and security