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reconciling passion and security

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There's a lady who makes $250 an hour walking dogs. She walks about 6-10 dogs per day and hires other ladies as her employees. She loves dogs. She can see her kids off in the morning and be there when they come home. Though she might have to battle through Wellington wind and rain during horrid days and no doubt, there's a lot of dog crap to pick up, she loves it and earns a comfortable living from it. So what's the trick to making money out of something you passionately love? Do you have to sacrifice a few thousand dollars in the bank every fortnight, the extra holiday or two per year? Or can you really have it all? I heard once that if you don't come home everyday with more energy from your work than when you wake up, you're living a life of quiet desperation, and not inspiration. In many ways, this is a rather stupid thing to say. If everyone did this, there would be no one picking up garbage or working in McDonalds. Despite this cynical interpretation, I do believe there is some truth to that statement. But how do you make it happen?

♥ Dress from Kilt, New Zealand ♥ Cardigan from Max ♥ Leggings from Farmers ♥ Clutch from Temt ♥ Shoes from Witchery ♥ Belt a random lace ribbon ♥

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self-diagnosing my middle class guilt