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playing hookie and terarriums

Surprise!!! I missed you guys but I was playing hookie from the internet. Work has been very busy and when I got home, I couldn't stand the thought of more hours at a desk in front of a computer. But I am back and ready to see what you all have been up to as I get back to comments and emails. While I was on my internet break, I made a terrarium! I've been dying to make one of these ever since I saw Katherine's tutorial here. Please visit Katherine. Her blog is one of my favourites. Her taste and her eye for beautiful things is impeccable.

Another quite cool tutorial which I think YOU should try is at Design Sponge here. As an aside, the jars I used were quite narrow and had to navigate the plants in place with a plastic fork. I recommend using large jars with wide openings. I used Irish moss, pratia, and baby's tears with soil and white pebbles. I think these were alright for a first try. Not being the craftiest person, I was a little surprised I didn't muck it up completely.

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concrete shoes

i found this here