Hi! I’m Ana

I’m a #content nut and digital native, lover of sweet treats, and pop culture fanatic. I live on the internet. That basically covers it!

pheasant feathers

I was shocked when someone at work said, "I like your pheasant feather headband." Imagine being able to identify the type of bird based solely on the colours of a feather! While I never wanted to be an ornithologist, when I was young and impressionable, I had dreams of going into botany and studying seaweed for a living. That changed to a career in zoology, when, during NZ's version of science camp (*nerdsnort*), I was allowed to dissect an entire possum and identify its various bits. Finally, I surprisingly won a Best Actress Award at a Shakespeare Festival for, ironically, playing two male characters (it was an all girls Catholic school). It followed that I dreamt of Oscar night wins, or at the very least, a Tony or two. Things we want to be until we grow's a long list.

♥ Black top and Cardigan from Max ♥ Blue dress from Witchery ♥ Belt from Portmans ♥ Earrings from Down and Out Chic ♥ Headband from Diva

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