Hi! I’m Ana

I’m a #content nut and digital native, lover of sweet treats, and pop culture fanatic. I live on the internet. That basically covers it!

in which this blog turns one year old

UPDATE: 6,768 Miles Apart is up, hosted by Diana. Click here to see what Diana and I have been up to this fortnight!

Exactly a year ago, inspired by Rumi, Rebecca, Jessica, Nikki, Lady Melbourne, Bestie, Christina, Susie, and the lovely ladies of wardrobe_remix, I decided to start this fashion blog.

The days at work are stressful. The subject matter requires utmost concentration and hours spent staring, manipulating & analysing words, sentences, paragraphs & commas. The lives of the people I deal with are torn and full of hurt. It is a black & white world where I argue over grey areas.

This blog brings my world into panoramic colour vision. This blog is a sigh of relief. A reminder that the world is beautiful and worthwhile.

Further, I find myself surrounded by amazing, gorgeous, intelligent, ambitious, talented, generous and hilarious ladies from all over the world. Though our interests are diverse and varied, our lives wildly different, our locations ranging from near to far, far away - I feel like we have made connections so strong that it transcends time and space. This post is a tribute to those ladies without whom the blogosphere would not be the joy and inspiration it is. You make this place a playground. Thank you for my year!

The Dreamer (Emily) - for her measured words, her quiet take on life, her joy in simple pleasures (the colour green, cups of tea, vintage mugs, icicles frozen on a branch)

The Renaissance Woman
(Naomi) - for her humour, her talent and ambition, her hate of scrunchies, her love of JCVD

The Connector
(Diana) - for her ability to introduce so many of us to each other, her generosity, her drive, her energy

The Creative
(Anna) - for making my initial entry into the blogosphere so gentle, friendly and amazing (you were one of the first commentors!), her eye for beautiful images, her creativity with her jewellery, illustrations, and photos

The Thoughful
(Gabbi) - for her intelligence, her critical analysis of artists, movies, music, her friendliness

AND of course, to the Patient Photographer. You know there's no need for words.

*Click on each collage to be taken to each person's blog. All photos are the respective blogger's own*

small towns

travel nostalgia and a paisley dress from emily