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UPDATE: Please check out Diana's interview with the Patient Photographer of this blog here.

Wow. Check out this thread about the blogs people seem to love to hate here. All I know is, it's so much easier to criticise other people's creative outputs as opposed to turning an objective eye on your own content. People believe they see bullshit and call bloggers out for a lack of authenticity because *gasp* they spend their money on expensive things!!! Because the fact that your clothes are from chain stores (most probably made by children and adults in less-developed countries with little to no minimum labour standards) makes you so much more virtuous, right?

There is no one agreed viewpoint as to what a blog should or should not consist of. And that multiplicity of viewpoints is to be defended. By all means, feel free to constructively criticise content. But be careful that that exercise doesn't bleed into what is, basically, a lot of self-indignant ranting. Lovely ladies and readers of this blog, thank you for your support, your patience, your manners, and your friendship. I'm more grateful for it now than ever before.

Recommended reading: Socrates on money, happiness & virtue.

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