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6,768 Miles Apart

If anything, our styles are colliding. Diana taught me to look up into the sky and capture lamps and streetlights swinging against the light. I think I may have influenced her subject choices with my endless shots of leaves, trees and flowers. We have learned so much from each other even 6, 768 Miles Apart. Yet, the differences remain. Diana is a master of the gorgeous summer light. Her pictures are suffused with an even-tempered, beautiful glow. I struggle with the moody, watery winter sun, hunting shadows and reflections. The more I see of her pictures, the more astounded I am to watch her grow in skill and talent.

My pictures on the left, hers on the right.
6,768 Miles Apart will now appear every fortnight.
Our pictures are no longer limited to the morning.
But our focus remains the same.
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Look at the archives here and here.

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seasons are psychosomatic