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days of haze

6,768 Miles Apart is being hosted by Diana here. It's two weeks worth of photos and as gorgeous as anything I've seen (if I do say so myself!). Click on the picture below and join us!

I watched The September Issue in the weekend. Wintour deserved this documentary. She is a force. But American Vogue is no longer contemporary for me. While she ushered in the era of celebrity covers for American Vogue, this is exactly the reason why I do not buy it. I look at blogs, RUSSH, frankie, Lula - and covers with models excite us the most. I find celebrities yawn-inducing. It is an oversaturated, tired market. I find it tacky. Further, Grace Coddington professed her love for hazy, blurry pictures, wistfully lamenting the apparent appetite for razor sharp pictures with edges so substantial it could cut you. I side with her - for me, the beauty of a picture lies in what it cannot capture, the light it can barely cope with, the lines which are hinted at rather than blatantly laid bare for you to see.

♥ Glasses from Cotton On ♥ Bag from Equip ♥ Scarf from Glassons ♥ Jacket from Evolution NZ ♥ Dress is thrifted ♥ Belt from Valley Girl ♥ Location: Jackson Street Promenade, Petone ♥

in which i use the scary big word "protofeminist"

world has frozen over.