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6,768 Miles Apart

6,768 Miles Apart has arrived this week!

Diana and I had a fascination for our towels on their racks. She's included a very topical 4th of July photo - an American flag made of Lego. I fell in love with her photo of a multitude of chairbacks, lined apple-pie straight, waiting for an audience.

She is Diana. Her pictures are on the right.
I am Ana. And my pictures are on the left.
We have been featured here.
How did this start? What is this about? Amble on over here.

NOTE: Lovelies, 6768 Miles Apart is taking a wee break next week due to internet access issues. But don't worry the week after that, we'll have a set spanning two weeks so you won't miss a thing!

with no armour

this feels like the moors