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all at sea

For my 21st birthday four or so years ago, I decided to highlight my hair with "caramel" streaks. I had visions of Jessica Alba circa Into the Blue. My then-hairdresser was unsure. She used the words "Pepe le Pew" and "skunk stripes" to discourage me. But I persisted. I was going to be bloody Jessica Alba, dammit. Or as near to it as I could get!

I kept the colour for about two years. Then frankly, I got sick of it. I wasn't high maintenance enough to maintain such high maintenance hair. Last week, I got the last of the regrowth chopped off and I am back to my natural hair colour. It was fun while it lasted. But now I'm happy with what I've been given. How many people can say that!

♥ Dress from Witchery ♥ Bag from Equip ♥ Ring is gifted ♥ Boots from Divided at H&M ♥ Tights are 80 denier opaques from Voodoo - highly recommended for winter! ♥
♥Location: Oriental Bay, Wellington

Award time! Thank you so much Cheryl, Christina and Diana for these awards. It makes me feel so appreciated when these come my way. I'd especially like to point out Diana's "You're a Great Read" award which she designed herself. If only all librarians looked like that young lady, there'd be more boys reading I'm sure!

These gorgeous ladies can choose from any of the awards or take all 3 of them!

Gabbi at *Felinofelice - for her impeccable taste in art and music
♥ Jennifer Lea at I Love Rabbits - for her wonderful illustrations
♥ half girl at half girl - for her charming blog and her wonderful slice-of-life photos
♥ Lauren and Cath at AsianCajuns - for being ever-stylish and the friendliest bloggers out there


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