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My friend is off to the UK. And she has sweetly offered to drop by Whistles to pick me up either one of the dresses below.

S: What happens if both of them are available?
Me: Buy the pink one
S: What? NO! Are you sure? The white one would be so nice on you
Me: What are you talking about? Look at it! It's sooo hot.
S: Ugh! It looks blotchy
Me: It's not blotchy! It's chrysanthemums! And look at the pockets!
S: (increasingly horrified) Are those frills?!
Me: (defensive) Frills are so awesome. O my god, it's so hot
S: It looks like a pink baby jumpsuit.
Me: Trust me. I can work it. I have a great belt to go with it.
S: The white one doesn't need a belt. The pink one is a sack. And the white one looks expensive. The other one looks like its worth twenty pounds not a hundred and thirty!

What could I do? She out-negotiated me. Sometimes, it's exhausting working with lawyers.

Images of dresses from Whistles

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the kind you find at a second hand store

proper attire for girls who love buffets