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for truby

Sometimes weekends are so hectic, filled with things you weren't able to do in the week - run to the tailors, pick up photos, see a friend, find a book, wonder why your optometrist is closed... It runs away from you before you've had time to sit and take a breath. How often do you just sit and stare out the window, letting your thoughts scamper in and out of your head, never clinging to one or the other, never hiding from the ones you don't want to remember - just drifting in your mind. I think that sounds nice.

PS: During the entire life of this blog, I have always received comments about the beautiful places I go to and general New-Zealand envy. From now on, when appropriate, I will be posting the location of where I am along with a link (if available) underneath my outfit deets. Also the tag "Places of Interest" will take you to the various places in Wellington that I've posted about in the past. Tourism NZ feel free to pay me at any point in time...

♥ Jacket from Evolution Clothing NZ ♥ Dress & Belt from Witchery ♥ Earrings & Heels from H&M♥
♥ Location: Truby King House & Garden

Thank you to Clau at Clo by Clau! for this award which is a blast from the past. I remember when people went crazy for Anne Gedes' photos of babies dressed as various flowers or plunked in various cutesy containers. Maybe they still do? Oh those halcyon days ;)

This goes out to Andrea at A Cat of Impossible Colour and Eeli at Aphex Nation. It's all local up in here! These two gals make me proud to be a blogger from New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud. And LOTR. And sheep. Yes, yes - sheep.

proper attire for girls who love buffets

always take the weather with you