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tourists only wear t-shirts

I certainly wasn't a wallflower when it came to my travel outfits. In fact, I was the exact opposite. When I strode down the streets, heads turned, old men were bemused, teens giggled. Oh yes, dear readers, I was horifically overdressed.

In Hong Kong, I spent most of my time in the wholesale district in short skirts and a gauzy floral singlet. People were confused by the drapery. In Macau, I managed to get my top half right by wearing a t-shirt, as was the tourist custom, but they gazed aghast at my flippy blue skirt. In Manila, despite the greater number of dressed-up people, my clothes didn't fit - either they weren't casual enough and they weren't expensive enough. In the provinces, I was constantly wondering why I had packed for an urban weekend in the Sydney CBD instead of for mucking around in waterfalls, beaches, and rickety roads. Let's face it - I regret leaving my jogging shorts and sneakers at home. But I bet they ain't never seen a girl in lavender silk shorts. Word.

♥ Yellow singlet is thrifted Supre, Pink Skirt is Zara, Wedges are Tony Bianco ♥ Black Dress is FQL Bangkok and Shoes are Crocs ♥ Cardigan is Glassons, Floral Singlet is Principals, Skirt is Glassons and Shoes are Crocs ♥ Aviators is Portmans, Necklace is Kultura Philippines, and Dress is Forever 21 ♥

♥ Cardigan from Glassons, Necklace from Diva, Purple top from H&M, Leggings from Farmers, Jandals from the Warehouse and Bag from Farmers ♥ Yellow top is thrifted Supre, shorts are Witchery and Jandals are gifted from Philippines ♥ T=shirt from Uniqlo, Bag from Farmers, Skirt from Evolution ♥ Halter from Krabi, Bangkok

things which make winter bearable

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