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things which make winter bearable

Darkness falls fast. It's 6:19 pm and inside my house, the curtains are drawn, the lamps turned on. At the worst of times, I find winter nights desolate and devoid of comfort. At the best, it is the perfect excuse to watch hours of tv without guilt, wrapped in a blanket, with the heater at full blast. I know many of you are only starting to enjoy summer. It has left us, at the Southern Hemisphere, behind.

♥ Things Which Make Winter Bearable ♥

♥ Hot Chocolate ♥

Hot Chocolate from here, Blue and White from here

♥ Not Needing to Shave Your Legs Because They're Always in Tights ♥

Yellow tights from here, Table photo my own

♥ Acres of Blankets ♥

Girl in blanket from here

♥ Slippers ♥

Slippers from here

The gorgeous Sol awarded me a while ago. I'm sorry for hoarding it for so long. It is the Proximidade award, and given that I've received it before, I'm following in Emy Augustus' bright idea, and designing a new award to pass on in its place!

I pass this on to my stalwart blogosphere friends. I wish I could deliver this to you with a huge real-life hug. You ladies make it worthwhile.

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