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carried with love

A couple of days after I got back, I fell sick with the flu! This means I still have not made it to work and most of my days are spent in bed sleeping. Obviously this is not conducive to fashion blogging seeing as nobody really wants to see me in my pajamas and glasses. Meanwhile, here are some of the beautiful things I picked up on my travels and handcarried with me through various airports. On another note, does anyone have any tricks for making shoes which are one size too big fit? I've been using all sorts of gel liners from the Party Feet range but it's just not working. Shall I give it up?

A pair of colourful bowls from Hong Kong

Ube (purple yam) hopia from Sorsogon, Philippines

Lotus Seed mooncakes from Hong Kong

Flowering tea from Hong Kong

Capiz shell tealight holders from Manila, Philippines

Pretty embroidered compacts from Hong Kong

Three-tiered beaded necklace from Manila, Philippines

Notepad, postcards and notecards from Manila, Philippines

grow up

things which make winter bearable