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sss - secret shoe shame

I was first convinced to buy Crocs in Japan. I spotted fly Japanese girls wearing ballet shoe Crocs and working them like no one's business. Coupled with my aching tourist feet, I hunted down a Crocs display and walked away, cushioned on air. While you won't see them in this post, rest assured, behind every sky-high wedge, every pointed and buckled stiletto, there's a good Croc. Because without them, I'd still be on the riverbed, stranded with a turned ankle, swatting sandflies from my face. Lovelies, share your secret shoe shame with me!

Adventures on the River from ondressingup on Vimeo.

♥ Dress worn as top is thrifted ♥ Skirt is thrifted Moochi ♥ Wedges from Mi Piaci ♥ Belt from Portmans Earrings are gifted (Thank you, New Yorkers! You know who you are.) ♥ Necklace from Diva ♥

i didn't mean to drop off!

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