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pouring scorn

I'm only now catching up with my February magazines - at the end of March. Elle UK Feb '09 has gleefully pronounced that the upcoming Spring/Summer season for the Northern Hemisphere is the "trend-less season." Apparently, designers put out such varied shows that Elle were unable to discern a cohesive approach to dressing in summer.

This made me snort in disbelief. Here I was thinking fashion was about dressing for yourself, trend or no-trend. Hark ye, hark ye - the goddesses of print media have declared it alright for you to dress in whatever the hell you want, ladies. So go nuts. Dress yourself in whatever makes you happy rather than what makes them happy. It is a "trend-less" season after all. Print media is such a load of guff sometimes. No wonder I just buy it for the pretty pictures and leave the intelligent fashion/social commentary to you lovely ladies of the blogosphere.

♥ Vest from Valleygirl ♥ Skress is thrifted ♥ Necklace from Diva ♥ Ring from Diva ♥ Bangle from MNG ♥ Shoes from Nude ♥

♥ Scarf is thrifted ♥ Dress from Forever 21 ♥ Top from Zara ♥ Bangle from MNG ♥

PS: A little confusion. The extent of my rapping skills is purely for karaeoke purposes. I am no MC. I was writing tongue-in-cheek. If only I really could.

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