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exploding fashion myths not so important

The top below is my first and only piece of horizontally-striped clothing. Once I realised that perhaps the stripes-equals-wide myth may be just that - a myth - I decided to test it out for myself. And found no widening illusion. No matter how hard I tried. It makes me wonder, how many clothing myths have we been buying into? And on the power of those myths, steered away from certain cuts and styles? There just aren't many scientific studies with the available funding to indulge the fashion world with clothing-myth experiments. Relative to finding a cure for cancer or a drive for sustainable energy, perhaps that's just as well.

♥ Top is thrifted Kate Sylvester ♥ Skirt from Glassons ♥ Belt from KMart ♥ Shoes from Glassons♥

♥ Vest is thrifted ♥ Dress/tunic is thrifted Dotti ♥ Jeans from Glassons ♥ Shoes are thrifted Skechers ♥ Scarf from Glassons ♥

And thank you very much to two of my new-found but increasingly favourite ladies of the blogosphere, Yvonne at Emy Augustus and Diana at for passing two awards to me. Visiting Yvonne and Diana is always so refreshing. They write unfailingly intelligent, perceptive, and conscious posts. With most fashion/lifestyle blogs becoming increasingly heavy on visuals and light on text, it's so nice to find two ladies who can excel in both areas.

Left from Diana. Right from Yvonne.

And so I pass both awards on to:
♥ Claire at Faboo - Claire has a style so distinctly her own and it's a joy to behold.
♥ Sol at Beauty Standard - Forget Rumi, Karla, etc etc, my money's on Sol.
captivateme - Full to the brim with exquisite, inspirational pictures.
♥ Amy at Flying a Kite - Completely adorable, epically cool, and sweet as candy.
Modern Antoinette - Her All-American beauty and elegant style is a deadly combo.

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