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valentine bumper post

Valentine's Day was yesterday! Unfortunately, the Patient Photographer was a wee bit sick to fully participate but I did get some tasty heart-shaped iced gingerbread and full command of the DVD player, resulting in an afternoon of Love Actually and First Daughter. Yusss! So in my real life, my Valentine's looked like this, complete with a transcription of a text conversation I had at 9:30 pm. Guess which one I am. It should be easy.

But in the parallel life which, some physicists believe, I may be living right now, my Valentine's was more akin to this:

♥ This hair with any combination of the dresses, shoes or accessories below ♥

Pictures of dresses and jewellery from
Pictures of shoes from

♥ At any of these locations ♥

Although I missed Valentine's by about a day, I thought this would be the perfect occassion to share the love, in the guise of a beautiful blog award - one of the loveliest I've seen. Thank you, Anna at Much Love for passing this award on to me. Stopping by your blog is like pulling up a seat at my favourite cafe; warm, familiar, and a true treat.

I pass these on to four of my favourite blogs run by people I view as kindred spirits:

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And four of my newly-discovered blogs which I am so happy to have stumbled across:

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Big post-Valentine's smooches to you all and please pass it on if you're so inclined.

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