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twilight barbeque

Foot and I are back on track, everybody! Wohoo! I recovered enough to:

♥ wander back to the beach
♥ buy a new dress and antique plates
♥ rearrange my living room to accommodate some new secondhand chairs
♥ eat haloumi for brunch
♥ host a twilight/night barbeque for friends
♥ eat a chippie sandwich for dinner

PS: Excuse my rather random photography skills. The Patient Photographer was otherwise occupied except for the first BBQ pics around the table which he took. It astounds me how good he is at what he does and how mediocre my attempts are with my point-and-shoot and his SLR.

♥ Tankini from KMart ♥ Hat from Warehouse ♥ Dress from Lippy ♥ Bag is thrifted ♥

♥ Dress by Scintilla ♥ Yellow hoodies for the cold from Uniqlo ♥ Bangles from MNG

and now for a brief interlude