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shallow waters

It's a public holiday tomorrow (Friday is Waitangi Day in New Zealand). There is a feverish tinge in the air helped along by the thousands of out-of-towners on holiday currently invading Wellington for a long weeked of rugby, people in ridiculous dress-up outfits to watch the rugby, and drinking beer in front of the rugby. Basically - there are a lot of jocks in town. The only solution is to scurry away from my city centre flat and hide out in the beach suburbs. There are worse things in life.

♥ Bikini from Glassons ♥ Skirt worn as dress is thrifted ♥ Bag is thrifted ♥ Jandals are from the Warehouse ♥ Hat from the Warehouse Headband is DIY-ed from Equip ♥ Greenstone earrings were gifted ♥

Things on Etsy inspired by seaweed

Henri Matisse and seaweed

True and proper pressed seaweed


flashing. lights.