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havana nights in puerto rico

This blindingly bright day in the weekend reminded me that there aren't many days left of summer. I can feel the chill of autumn and winter in the air. The colours and the light around this semi-derelict jetty reminded me of Cuba. Which reminded me of my sheepish adoration of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights despite the fact it was filmed in Puerto Rico. And also rated #11 in Entertainment Weekly's Top 25 Worst Sequels Ever Made (2006). But my love knows no boundaries! And then we found a gypsy fair, complete with caravans, selling trinkets, waffles, and toy aeroplanes made out of beer cans.

Note to Kathleena the Tarot Reader: Even if you didn't have the flu, I wouldn't have paid 40 bucks for a tarot reading. Sorry.

♥ Blouse is vintage ♥ Skirt from Mink Pink ♥ Belt from Valley Girl ♥ Shoes are thrifted ♥


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