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groundhog day

The Northern Hemisphere is sliding into Spring/Summer collections and fashion spread. As Miranda Priestley drawled acerbically in The Devil Wears Prada, "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." I'm tempted to comment - Colour? For spring? Groundbreaking.

Yet, clock the way Vogue UK in its February 2009 editorial, "Light and Fantastic" reinterprets a colourful, light-filled spring, in a completely modern manner with the slightest of nods to 50s bathing beauties. Pastels offset by jolts of hot colours. A breezy sheer white smock with a hot pink bodysuit. Platforms (including those Marni heels) paired with knee-high sheer stockings. A sportswear feel coupled with the romanticism of drapes, lavish necklaces and a floral bathing cap. Even the glimpse of an azure ocean beyond the lavender set is an attempt at contrasting the play of light on the water against the shadows cast by solid objects such as a lissom model against a lavender wall.

This is a collage of my favourite parts. For the complete spread, click here.

Contrast this with a similarly-themed and executed editorial by US Harper's Bazaar from the same month and year. The vibe is feminine, romantic, a little body-con thrown in against all the tailored dresses in a variety of strong colours. The overall direction seems to be glamorous sophisticates at play in their vast and landscaped summer mansions. Although the styling and the dresses are more marketable in terms of styling and cut, the execution by Harper's bores me to death. And while I acknowledge the differences between the demographics, budgets and viewpoints between the two magazines, by comparing these editorials, I find myself appreciating all the various elements and visions that go into lifting a tired old theme (spring colours and light) into a relevant, delicious, and inspired vision of fashion.

This is a selection of the photos. For the rest of the spread click here.

flashing. lights.

charmed i'm sure