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crowning glory

I'm able to relate to this more than one can say. And it's not just Disney either - it's every movie, tv show, magazine, and ad that I've ever come across.

Sources: here, here and here.

Thank you to three lovely ladies, Lauren and Cath at Asian Cajuns, Janneteria, and Sam at Daily Fashion Boost for passing the "Your Blog is Fabulous" award to me.

As is customary, I'm passing this on to ten of my favourite blogs, with lots of love:

♥ Anna at Much Love - for making me smile when she pops up on my comments.
♥ Abbey at Milk Children - for being a fabulously stylish, fellow Wellingtonian fashion blogger.
♥ Stefanie at Yes Please Mademoiselle - for having exquisite taste.
♥ Natelle at The Romantic Apple - for her witty, sparkling blog posts.
♥ Trailing Spouse at The Life of a Trailing Spouse - for letting us into her life in Singapore.
♥ Tara at Nothing Elegant - for her truly elegant blog posts and style.
L O L I T A -a giant of a Swedish blog, packed full of pictures which make me dream.
♥ Biru at Days in a Fashion Haze - for her incredible winter styling.
♥ Amanda at lace & tea - for her impeccable taste and beautiful blog.
♥ Chloe at anemone emnity - for her super fun posts and awesome, playful style!

charmed i'm sure

they get me every new year