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babies and other scary things

At lunchtime I helped pick out baby gifts for a baby shower we're having at work tomorrow. Well - perhaps I didn't help given that all I did was stand around and look at baby-gro's and cupcake-shaped mobiles askance. You know you're not ready for a baby when you look around a baby shop and (a) wonder if the toddler clothes come in adult sizes because that floral romper would look amazing on you and (b) get bored very quickly and wish you could get into the playpen.

♥ Headscarf is thrifted ♥ Top from Forever 21 ♥ Skirt is thrifted ♥ Bag from Farmers ♥ Shoes from Zara

Thank you to two lovely ladies, Janetteria and bizuteria. Janetteria gave me the "Unique and chic" award, whilst bizuteria graciously passed me the "Kreativ Blogger" award.

Also milk at 2 Percent sent over the 6 Things That Make You Happy tag.

Number 6 being The Patient Photographer's parents' singing washing machine:

Adventures doing the Washing from ondressingup on Vimeo.

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