Hi! I’m Ana

I’m a #content nut and digital native, lover of sweet treats, and pop culture fanatic. I live on the internet. That basically covers it!

well this is different

I've made a little video of my mini-holiday. I guess this amounts to "vlogging." I hope you enjoy it and sorry to those with slow connections!

What you should expect to see:

♥ a bear eating a grape
♥ a man on a bike carrying a surfboard
♥ a girl wrapped in a blanket on an empty, cloudy beach
♥ Tai-Chi with toitoi ankle deep in a river
♥ a beagle with floppy ears
♥ Jenga and knucklebones
♥ swings and a flying fox
♥ lawnmowing

Music is Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

adventures in small towns from ondressingup on Vimeo.

ever wondered what was at the end of a rainbow?

portraits with floral wallpaper