Hi! I’m Ana

I’m a #content nut and digital native, lover of sweet treats, and pop culture fanatic. I live on the internet. That’s basically covers it!

they get me every new year

I fell flat on my back in these shoes. They're precariously high wedges from a cheap and ubiqutuous New Zealand chain store. One minute, I was walking into my hallway, twisting to hang up my jacket, and the next my knees had buckled and I was staring straight up at the ceiling, imagining tweeting birds circulating around my head.

The Patient Photographer, after launching to my aid and barely holding back his laughter, said very sternly, "You should be careful in those shoes." Too little too late, folks. I don't often fall in my heels. I've had enough practise not to. It took me by surprise. And made me feel very sheepish and embarassed for (a) falling (b) wearing shoes I fall in (c) wearing big heels for a trip to the supermarket. Sometimes I think I don't wear my outfits. The outfits wear me.

♥ Top from Glassons ♥ Skirt from Mink Pink ♥ Bracelet from Diva ♥ Shoes from Glassons ♥ Sunglasses from Portmans

crowning glory

in her handbag