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I’m a #content nut and digital native, lover of sweet treats, and pop culture fanatic. I live on the internet. That basically covers it!

these shorts won't quit

I've detected a creeping melancholy in my posts. Please blame it on the self-reflection that a new year tends to bring on. I couldn't escape it. But what better way to give myself a cheerful kick up the bum by once again breaking out my lavender, silk, flippy, floppy, zippy, high-waisted, waist-tie shorts?! No better way I say! And paired with a Karen Walker silk military jacket which I have gleefully filched from my mother's closet. Well. Let the fun begin!

My first few days back at work have been good. I missed my workmates and am glad to be wreaking havoc again. I particularly like freaking out the new people by asking them to list their favourite boybands and their opinion on the Twilight saga.

♥ Necklace/Headband is vintage ♥ Top from Witchery ♥ Necklace from Diva ♥ Shorts from Witchery ♥ Shoes from Witchery ♥ Jacket from Karen Walker

Last night, I went to see Flying Lotus at Sandwiches in Wellington. Of course it was way past my bedtime. Why do gigs start so chronically late, especially on a week day? Don't people realise I've got paper to earn ;) And I was snapped! Click here for the party photos on Street Etiquette. I guess I was the only one in pink then.

♥ Cardi from Valley Girl ♥ Dress worn as top from Supre ♥ Belt and Skirt from Valley Girl ♥ Necklace from Diva

i don't know why i'm admitting this...

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