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taking the road less well-travelled

This outfit defeated me. I couldn't quite work up the guts to wear it out the front door. I felt too conspicuous. Who wears so much lace in one go?! Unless it's a Prada guipure. There are plenty of times when I have been burned by my choice of what to unleash onto an unsuspecting public. Sometimes a couple of seconds in a "controversial" outfit is akin to Chinese water torture. Once, I even ducked out of the office at lunch time, took the bus, and changed my clothes.

Tomorrow I'm going to the races. I have a choice between two outfits - one which is consistent, safe, pretty, conformist; the other is a 60s vintage dress which is costumey and will cause stares. To make up for ducking out of this lace explosion, I know exactly which road to take.

Be brave, ladies. Be brave.

♥ Pink top is thrifted ♥ Lace dress (worn under pink top) is thrifted ♥ Bag is vintage ♥ Shoes are Nude ♥

the beautiful are the damned

Yum yum yum yum yum, ¡delicioso!