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♥ Pre-Fall 2009 Showdown between Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci VS Proenza Schouler

These two pre-fall 2009 collections make me want to buy pants. The slouchy silhouettes contrasted with the loosely belted waists at Proenza plus all that buttery-looking leathaaaa and short flippy skirts. These outfits look like they should come with a complimentary hangover. There is something just so coolly blase and nonchalant about the styling. Oh oops look I just rolled out of bed and looked This.Damn.Good.

And Theyskens surprised me with his sharp and tailored shapes and lines for Nina Ricci. I was used to the fluid drapes of his past collections which is echoed in the cream spangly dress at the top. The velvet shoes, rich colours, side parts, and gloves lend an Eastern European feel but is a much pared-down and wearable translation compared to Chanel's all-out Russian doll/baboushka pre-fall collection featured in this post here. Must investigate possibility of buying red or purple velvet pants and styling it without looking too much like Ewan McGregor in the Velvet Goldmine.

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