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...not leprechaun gold then. Just me. Sorry for the non-post last night. A book caught me and it wouldn't let me go. It even made me late for work.

♥ Top from Zara ♥ Necklace from Diva ♥ Skirt is thrifted ♥ Shoes from Mi Piaci

I was leafing through an old copy of Cosmopolitan which someone left at work. My workmates and I were left spluttering at an article entitled "Beautiful Flirting". Ladies, in order to catch a hottie's eyes, some suggested tips from the article are:

♥ Tilt your pelvis to showcase your childbearing hips
♥ Cross your legs to show or give the illusion of your great muscle tone
♥ Fondle a cylindrical object
♥ Expose your wrists
♥ and the absolute winner - Place your handbag close to him to demonstrate your intimacy and turst in him, because you love your handbag so much only cool people are allowed to be near it.

Obviously there's been some paraphrasing but I kid you not that is what it said. To think that only five or six years ago I used to gobble this rubbish up!

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