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the art of losing

A cashmere wraparound sweater which I've had since I was 14 has developed holes on the arm seam. My mother brought it back for me from her first trip to Europe. It has been with me through fluctuating weight, inclement weather, many buttered toasts-and-laptop/book sessions in bed, dinner dates, and life in general. It's the one of a small number of constants in my wardrobe, the one that gets chucked into my bag when I hear the nana-voice inside my head to bring a cardigan...just in case.

I will mend the holes. They're only small. But the sight of my poor wee sweater with its sad little rips made me very distressed and sentimental. This occasion reminds me just how much clothes are more than garments to shield us from the weather - they are lifelines with memories woven into their fabric, a reminder of the person you were which ties you to the person you now are. They are home.

♥ Cardigan from is gifted from United Colours of Benetton ♥ Necklace from Diva ♥ Night-dress from Sussans

Things Which Don't Last

the trees were so old

ruined for beaches