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Alexander McQueen for Target

♥ I do not live in the US. Woe is me I cannot get my grubby little hands on any of these.

♥ Take the damn trench coat off, girl! I want to see what the Zigzag Print Asymmetrical One-Piece Swimsuit Pink/Black for US$34.99 looks like! ARGH.

♥ I fear the jealousy and ire that will rise in my throat when fabulous ladies of the blogosphere outfit-post with any of these items. Similar to my feeling of absolute envy when Susie Bubble procured my shoes.

♥ I can't even write proper fashion-blogger stuff about silhouettes and colour palettes and blah blah. All I can write is hot. hot hot. A thousand times yes. Even those funny ankle-grazing cropped pants.

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